What is a Shaft Wall?

What is a shaft wall? Where is it used? And why?

A shaft wall is a specific type of partition wall. During construction, access is only possible from one side. This makes the construction process very unique. 

Shaft walls are a lightweight fire-resistant solution for protecting elements in spaces which may be confined and access restricted to one side.

They are very strong structures and, if exposed to flames, are fire-resistant for up to four hours depending on the materials used.

They are usually constructed using 70mm stud wall solutions and provide great acoustics depending on the insulation selected.

Where are Shaft Walls Used?

Due to the locations in which they are used, shaft walls are mainly required to be fire rated and to be extremely strong.

The main use of a shaft wall is lift shafts – particularly in high-rise buildings. They are also used in stairwells or already installed corridors.

Because shaft walls are constructed through accessing only one side, they can be, and often are, constructed and incorporated during the early stages of construction. No scaffolding is required making it convenient for various types of building.

Shaft Walls from Tapper Interiors

At Tapper Interiors we have years of experience in constructing shaft walls for lift system and other uses in various buildings. If you have a requirement for a shaft wall system or want to discuss your options or requirements please contact us.