What Is a Partition Wall? And How Can They Transform a Space

What is a partition wall? A partition wall is part of our service offering at Tapper Interiors. They are internal, non-load-bearing walls which don’t require planning permission.

They are a great way to divide a large space into smaller breakout areas. This could be in an office, at home, in a school/college or in any building.

What is a Partition Wall Constructed From? 

Partition walls can be constructed of various materials depending on where they are used. Some of the options we offer at Tapper Interiors are;

Metal Framed Partition Walls

Metal framed partition walls consist of a metal frame with plasterboard and insulation. They are solid partition walls, meaning they provide privacy and are perfect for breakout rooms in offices, dividing classrooms in schools, or creating additional rooms in the home.

Metal framed partition walls have different types of plasterboard options, and each one is suited to a different application or environment. Fire-resistant plasterboards are often selected for partition walls in laboratories, warehouses or other high-risk areas. Moisture-resistant plasterboards are perfect for bathrooms and the like. The sound block board adds an extra sound barrier.

The type and thickness of the insulation in a metal framed partition wall depends on your requirements. Choose from 25mm or 50mm isowool insulation or the Rockwood batt for the highest level of insulation soundproofing.

Glass Partition Walls 

Glass partitions are our speciality; we are well known within various industries for providing top-quality glass partition walls. Because they allow plenty of natural light flow and look very professional, they are often selected for office board rooms and car showrooms.

Glass partitions are available as either single or double-glazed, depending on the level of acoustic sound proofing you require.

We can also offer Crittall effect on our glass partitions, which is a metal frame showing throughout – this is often chosen for glass partitions in offices, homes or residential areas – for example, student accommodation. Crittal effect offers all the benefits of glass partitions, such as natural light flow, while contributing to beautiful aesthetics.

Benefits of Using Partition Walls 

There are many benefits of using partition walls. Some of the top ones are

  • Efficiency of Space – if you have a large space, such as an open-plan office or classroom, you can use partition walls to create smaller rooms. It’s a great way to maximise your space and is more cost-effective than an exterior extension.
  • Sound Resistance – partition walls can make a huge difference to the noise levels and privacy for busy offices and classrooms. For confidential meetings, a soundproof breakout or meeting room can offer a high level of privacy.
  • Fire Resistance – in high-risk areas, partition walls – when constructed of the correct materials – can offer an extra level of fire resistance. Fire-resistant construction materials slow the spread of the fire, giving personnel a longer time to leave the building and offering an extra layer of protection to any equipment.
  • No Need for Planning Permission – because they do not affect the outside of the building, internal partition walls do not require planning permission. So, once your plans are finalised, we can begin work without delay.

Why Choose Tapper Interiors for your Partition Walls? 

At Tapper Interiors, we have over 30 years of experience constructing partition walls in all buildings and industries. So, you can trust that our work will be top-class and completed on time.

We are also well known for being a one-stop shop when it comes to interior fit-outs. As well as partition walls, we can take care of flooring, electrics, plumbing, and project management for the entire work. This means you don’t need any additional contractors for your interior fit-out project.

For examples of partition walls and to see some of our previous works, take a look at our case studies pages. Please contact us for more information on partition walls or any of our services.