Warehouse Partition Systems

Warehouse partition systems are ideal for forming cleaner and safer work environments in industrial settings.

They are a versatile solution which can be used to segregate various areas of your warehouse depending on your requirements.

At Tapper Interiors, we offer a range of warehouse partitioning systems tailored to meet the unique needs of industrial spaces.

Types of Warehouse Partition Systems

Each project is unique and requires different features for its partitioning systems. To make sure we are covering all bases, we have a range of warehouse partitioning systems.


Enhancing Security in Industrial Environments

The Bastion is a heavy duty, single skin partitioning system which is designed to prioritise security. With high strength and adaptability, it is ideal for applications where security is of utmost importance. This type of partition is a popular choice for warehouses and other industrial environments.


Balancing Functionality and Appearance

The Sigma is well-suited for applications where appearance matters. This warehouse partitioning system utilises a medium duty single skin and is commonly used in factory, warehouse, and production office areas.


Optimising Quality in Commercial Spaces

The Elan partition is a high-quality, double skin steel partitioning system. It’s suitable for commercial, office, and factory use. It is designed to prioritise high-quality finishes and aesthetics.


Perfect for Clean Room Environments

Titan partitions have been specifically designed for clean rooms and have a two-line junction to keep dust and particle leakage to a minimum. It is ideal for environments requiring a high degree of cleanliness as it has a powder coated finish.

Areas of Use For Warehouse Partition Systems.

Our warehouse partitions are commonly used in any type of warehouse, factory, high-security buildings, and clean room environments. They offer versatile solutions for a wide range of industrial applications.

They are perfect for building office spaces, segregating different working areas or for creating storage areas within the same building.

Other Partitions

In addition to industrial partitions, we also offer partitions for offices and commercial spaces. These partitions can be customized with various insulation, framing options, and plasterboard to meet your specific requirements. Take a look at these here.

Warehouse Partition Systems from Tapper Interiors.

If you are interested in incorporating warehouse partitions or other partitioning solutions in your workspace, please contact Tapper Interiors for further information and to discuss your project requirements.