Types of Commercial Flooring

At Tapper Interiors we offer various types of commercial flooring when completing an interior fit out. Each different type of flooring is suitable for different buildings and sectors.

Types of Commercial Flooring

The types of commercial flooring we provide are suited to various industries. If you are making decisions on flooring for your interior fit-out, it may be worth contacting our specialists who can help you find the best solution for your project.

The types of commercial flooring we regularly provide are;

Carpet Tiles

Carpet tiles are individual tiles of carpet. They are a popular choice for commercial settings including classrooms and office spaces. Capet tiles are often selected for these types of interiors as they give a more comfortable homely feel and look than hard flooring types but they are still hard wearing and easy to  clean.

Carpet tiles can be cut to size making them suitable for various sized spaces. They are far more hard wearing than a traditional carpet which you would use in the home. They can withstand heavy use which makes them a perfect choice for classrooms and offices where there will be many people walking on them wearing shoes. They are also great for sound absorption – another great reason to select them for schools and office.

Carpet tiles are easy to keep clean and replace if required. Because they are low pile, they rarely collect fragments which cannot be effectively vacuumed. They can also be easily replaced. Because they are tiles, there is the option to only replace one or two tiles is required.   

Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring is a hard flooring and extremely water resistant so it is often selected for interiors where it is likely to get splashed, for example kitchens, W.Cs, labs and clean rooms. Their water resistance also makes them very easy to clean which is also desirable for these environments. 

Vinyl floors can be stylish and aesthetically pleasing whilst also being functional. It is durable, able to withstand a high footfall and cleaning regimes. When properly looked after, high quality vinyl flooring has been known to last between ten and twenty years.

Different areas will require different types of vinyl floors. We are able to provide non-slip vinyl floors which is especially well suited to areas where they may be multiple spills.

Painted Floors

Painted floors are a popular choice for showrooms and more industrial areas such as workshop floors. This can prolong the life of your floors and look more professional and stylish than bare concrete.

Opting for a painted floor can also be easier to keep clean than leaving untreated concrete as it stops the build-up of dust.

Floor paint comes in various types. We can offer anti-slip paint as well as abrasion resistant paint. Both of these are suitable for use where lots of traffic is expected.

Floor paint is extremely heavy duty making is suitable for warehouses and other areas where industrial stock/ materials are stored and moved. It’s also suitable for showrooms and it can withstand being driven on by vehicles without scratching or becoming damaged.

Entrance Mats

Entrance mats can be custom made and fitted into your interior. Because they are fitted at the same time as the flooring, entrance mats can fit flush into the floor.

Entrance mats can help create a professional first impression to your offices or educational building. They are great for limited the amount of moisture or dirt being carried further into the room.

Types of Commercial Flooring from Tapper Interiors

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