Types of Acoustic Baffles

Types of Acoustic Baffles.

Acoustic Baffles are panels which can be applied to ceilings to help with acoustics within a room. They are a cost effective solution and are something we regularly fit for our clients.

In recent years, acoustic baffles have become more popular, because of this, they are now available in a range of shapes, sizes, materials and colours.

Types of Acoustic Baffles

We offer a various types of acoustic baffles. They are constructed of different types of materials including timber, metal as well as painted rockwool which provides a more aesthetically pleasing finish.

The painted rockwool allows for different colours and designs to be used. This could be incorporated into the overall interior design of your space.

Acoustic baffles are usually hung from acoustic hangers from the soffit and can be horizontal (rafts) or vertical (baffles).

Where are Acoustic Baffles Used?

Acoustic baffles are mainly used where there are exposed soffits or under plasterboard ceilings.

Baffles are now available in a variety of sizes, shapes and colours. This is to enhance the aesthetics of the room as well as the acoustics.

Acoustic Baffles from Tapper Interiors

Acoustic baffles are something we offer when you select the type of ceiling in your fit out or as a separate service. Depending on what ceiling you have and the industry you are in, we can use our expertise to recommend the best options for you, both aesthetically and practically.

If you would like more information on acoustic baffles or to discuss your options please contact us.