Construction Skills Certification Scheme

The Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) is administered by the CITB (Construction Industry Training Board) and was created to raise the competence and safety awareness of the labour employed on construction sites. To be compliant with the scheme, all persons working on a construction site must carry a CSCSĀ  card, detailing their skill level. A health and safety test must have been passed in order to carry a card.

A group has been formed called the Main Contractors Group (MCG) and they are insisting that any labour employed on their sites must carry proof of CSCS compliance. This group contains many of the large U.K. construction companies and therefore CSCS compliance is becoming increasingly important.

At Tapper Interiors Ltd, we are fully compliant with the CSCS and are one of the very few certified companies in this area.

We are proud to be members of this scheme as we feel it gives us an opportunity to express the quality of our workforce.