Glass Desk Dividers

A key element for your office social distancing strategy

At Tapper Interiors Ltd we recognise the valuable role our products can play in helping businesses get back to work. With social distancing a critical aspect of mitigating the risks of Coronavirus, we’re keen to work with Business Operations Managers, Health & Safety Managers, and Health & Safety Consultants to enable businesses to provide a safe environment in which their staff can operate.

The impact of Covid-19 has challenged the conventions of the office building and will accelerate the implementation of different working styles. The role of the workplace will be just, if not more important, as its value is being demonstrated by its temporary removal.

We have created products to help with getting people back in the office.

Glass desk dividers provide the ideal barrier between workers, whilst allowing natural light to flow

We specifically use glass instead of Perspex because it is more scratch resistant and cost-effective. So whether you’re an office manager rearranging the layout of a single room, or a health & safety consultant working on a warehouse with offices, our range of glass desk dividers and other glass partitioning products can offer you a myriad of options to create the optimum layout to meet your needs.

Glass desk divider options available include:

  • Desk dividers
  • Desk side panels
  • Desk side panels full height (installed from the floor)
  • End panels (installed from the floor)

A Balanced Approach

We’ve all learnt to video conference but it’s not the same. Nobody knows how or when to interact, which is such an important part of our human behaviour. The role of the workplace, more than ever, is to collaborate, discuss issues, stimulate creativity, share ideas, learn and socialise.

As we’ve all learned to socially distance ourselves, we’ve also learnt how vital the office is for our own well-being and vital need for human interaction.

Glass Desk Dividers

Glass desk dividers are available in standard sizes but also can be made to measure to suit all bespoke sizes and scenarios. To compliment the overall aesthetic, we can offer this product ex stock in standard RAL 9010, 9005, 9006 and 7016. Other colours are available and anti-bacterial coatings where required to offer extra protection.

The screens will be designed to suit the current government guidelines and the need for staff to social distance and keep the workplace safe.

  • Desktop Screen
    Designed to be installed on top of the existing desk with minimal assembly on site.
  • Floor Supported Screen
    Designed to fit as standalone sections or to be added to the Desktop screens, for additional cover.
  • Premium Quality, long lasting and cost effective
    The Coronavirus pandemic has changed our way of life probably forever, both personally and professionally. With a number of products being made available to the market, we have created a framed glass solution with cleaning regimes in mind. Glass offers high levels of durability, cleanability and is cost effective.

Key Features of our Glass Desk Dividers

  • UK Manufactured
  • Short lead times, 3-5 days for standard colour
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Pre-mitred kits excluding glass also available
  • Flexible solutions – we can manufacture to suit
  • Easy to maintain and clean
  • A range of colours and finishes available
  • Modular standard sizes
  • Bespoke made to measure sizes

Installation requires limited tools and minimum disruption to the existing office space.

Helping to keep your staff safe

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