Tapper Interiors can install all types of flooring in buildings such as offices, warehouses and educational spaces.

Flooring can help create a pleasant and productive work environment for workers. It is also an important for the safety and welfare of the people in the building.  This makes investing in good quality flooring important.

We have supplied and fitted many floors over the years. In our time working in the industry we have noticed how they have changed over the years. These days it’s much better quality and much larger variety. Due to this large variety, flooring can be used to create many different areas within  larger open plan office, such as breakout spaces, rest areas, meeting areas etc.

Types of Flooring

At Tapper Interiors we can install many different types of flooring, some of which include;

  • Carpet tiles
  • Vinyl floors
  • Painted floors
  • Entrance mats

Each type is suitable for a different area/ room. Carpet tiles are a popular choice for offices and school classrooms. Vinyl is well suited to areas where water resistance is required, areas such as W.Cs, kitchens and breakout areas. For workshop areas, painted floors are the most prevalent choice.

Different floorings have different pros and cons. Carpet tiles are great for acoustics – absorbing the sound – however they are not good for wet areas which makes their use limited. Vinyl is best for wet areas but offer no acoustics which may not be desirable. When discussing your project we can give you advice on where to use different types of floors and why.

Depending on the environment, the floors may need safety features. Our vinyl floors comes in non-slip varieties and types which are suitable for areas where chemical spills may occur.

Flooring from Tapper Interiors

If you are looking for an interior fit-out with a new floors then contact us to discuss your options.