Our Construction App

At Tapper interiors we have been using a custom developed construction project app for roughly eighteen months now. It has changed the way we work for the better and we are eager to share our thoughts and findings with the rest of our industry.

Our Construction Project App

We helped develop our app with an independent app provider. It has been 100% custom made for us which makes it perfect for use on our projects.

Our construction app is used by our employees and contractors for various tasks that we would have previously done manually. The app has saved lots of extra phone calls, emails and rifling through files for various pieces of paperwork.

Uses of our Construction App

Risk Assessments – the app provides a risk assessment for jobs on large sites which a user will have to access and accept before they can continue with the job.

Documents – our app can access all of our important documents, this includes: RAMs (risk assessment method statements) and any employee certifications. This means that if a client wants to see any of these documents, they can be accessed easily by the workers onsite rather than having to call into the office to have them emailed over.

Monitoring Contractors/ Workers hours – rather than using time sheets, which can get lost or end up inaccurate, our employees can simply sign into a job when they get there and sign out when they leave. This then creates a digital time sheet for them which can be access by the office. So not only are we reducing our paper usage, but it is also more efficient as all time sheets can be accessed by our contracts manager and accounts department – no-one has to be tracked down to hand in a timesheet!

Tool Inventory – our construction project app also has a tool inventory. Within this section we can assign tools to a particular worker, this way we know where something is – and where it last was if we are unable to locate it. This has saved us many phone calls looking for items.

Photographs – the app also has an option to take photos of jobs. We can take before and after photos which are great to use in our marketing. The photos also provide a record of what has been constructed should we require proof at a later date.

Would we Recommend Using an App if you’re in this industry?

Yes – we would.

Using our construction project app has saved us a lot of time and made us far more efficient.

There are many apps out there that can do what ours does, however, for what we need it for it has made more sense for us to go down the custom route.

We don’t need to use every aspect of some of the packaged apps available, but there are specific aspects we do require. Going custom made means we can build in the sections we need and not pay for an aspect we would not use.

We are actually working with our app developer to push this further into the industry to help other organisations of our size.

If you are working in the construction industry and are thinking about using an app for any of the reasons we have stated above then please get in touch – we’d be happy to talk you though the process in more detail.