Omlet – Office Partitions for Space, Light and Privacy

We recently designed and provided interior office partitions for our client Omlet.

What Was Required…

Omlet recently relocated to new office space. Their new office is beautiful and a much larger premises than their previous one.

Having a big open space is great for business but there is a requirement for smaller breakout rooms. Omlet required eight rooms within their office space of various sizes. They wanted to keep the open feel to their office whilst ensuring everyone had their own space and the noise level was kept to a minimum.

What We Did…

There are different options when it comes to partitioning a room. They could be full opaque wall, fully glass partitions or half and half – which is what Omlet selected.

We provided glass screens with Crittall effect banding and coloured manifestation to the bottom panel. This allows for natural light to flow through the office, giving a natural and airy feel to the whole space whilst still achieving the separated offices required.

The Crittall style uses steel framed windows to create multipaned partitions. It is becoming extremely popular in both offices and homes as it offers beautiful aesthetics whilst providing plenty of natural light along with supporting the interior design.

For Omlet, we used 12.8mm acoustic glass with double glazed doors and drop down acoustic seal. This helps with sound proofing giving some privacy whilst also making the rooms suitable for confidential meetings.

As with all our jobs, we provided Omlet with a stunning finish which was completed on time and within the client budget.

If you have an open office and would like to discuss options for partitioning – contact us today!

About Omlet

Omlet provide high quality, luxury pet beds and enclosures. They have products for chickens, dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, gerbils, birds and even bees.

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  • Glass Screens
  • Crittall effect
  • 12.8mm acoustic glass partitions
  • Double glazed doors
  • Drop down acoustic seals