Office Fit-Out Ideas, Examples and Elements

We regularly work on projects which include office fit-outs. Over the years, trends and preferences have changed. You rarely walk into offices full of rows of desks anymore, which is why many people are after office fit-out ideas to make a space look inviting yet professional.

To help with your inspiration, we’ve compiled some of the previous office fit-out projects we have worked on.

Office Fit-Out Ideas 

Here are some of our office fit-out ideas based on our projects.

Glass-partitioned meeting room

Using glass partitions for a meeting room means that the natural light can travel whilst also promoting privacy. Glass partitions provide a sleek-looking modern finish which gives your office a sense of professionalism.

Drinks Stations and Kitchenettes 

Having refreshments accessible for your employees is great for employee morale. But what’s the best way to provide this in a minimal space and in a way that looks professional? We’ve worked on various projects where we have fitted a drinks station in an open office. It often includes work surfaces for food preparation, coffee and hot drinks machines and a fridge for cold drinks.

Crittall Style Partitions 

Crittall-style partitions are constructed of glass with banding applied to create various styles. They are becoming more popular due to their modern look. They also provide plenty of natural light, and the steel frames strengthen the partition.

We’ve recently installed Crittall-style partitions in office fit-outs and homes. They are a true favourite at the moment.

Partitions for individual meeting rooms 

With shared office spaces becoming more widely used, we have been contracted to provide fit-outs for spaces where more than one organisation must be able to run at any one time. This means an open plan is not the best way to go.

Creating individual meeting rooms gives people privacy whilst still being able to use the shared space.

Office Fit-Outs: Elements 

When considering an office fit-out, there are various elements which are available to you depending on your requirements.

Partitions – partition walls are perfect for offices as they can enhance your space which adds privacy. There are many different types of partition walls which are used in offices as well as warehouses and educational buildings. Find out more here.

Ceilings – suspended ceilings are another consideration when looking into office fit-outs. We have been supplying suspended ceilings for many years in various buildings. The most popular types we fit are grid-suspended ceilings, metal pan ceilings and MF plasterboard ceilings.

Acoustic Baffles – acoustic baffles are becoming more popular as a way to absorb noise created within an area, be it a single office or a large open plan office. Having exposed soffits with baffles has become a design feature, especially with the variations in acoustic baffles available.

Flooring – as well as fitting partitions and ceilings, we are also often contracted to fit the flooring of offices. This can give the space a completely finished look. There are different options depending on the type of space and what is required.  

Office Fit-Out Ideas from Tapper Interiors

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