Office Fit Outs from Tapper Interiors

You may have noticed from the case studies section on our website that office fit-outs are an area we regularly get involved in.  

What is an office fit-out? 

An office fit-out refers to the process of designing, furnishing and arranging the interior spaces of a commercial office space to make it suitable for a company’s operations, activities, and aesthetic preferences.

Office fit-outs we have worked on range from transforming empty or generic office spaces, transforming an office to make it more branded, creating smaller breakout rooms within a larger office, fitting and installing bathrooms, kitchen areas and many other aspects.

If you are looking for a contractor to help with your office fit-out, then contact the team at Tapper Interiors today.

Elements of office fit-outs from Tapper Interiors

When you choose to work with Tapper Interiors for your office fit-out, there are various elements we can assist with.

Partition Walls – we can fit a range of partition walls. This includes what is commonly known as a stud wall, glass partition walls or half stud and half glass walls.

Partition walls are one of our most popular service offerings; we have been installing partition walls for many years and have a wealth of experience in this area. Find out more about the different types of partitions we offer here.

Suspended Ceilings – suspended ceilings are another of our more popular service offerings – we have a range of options available. We are able to give you advice on which might work best for your office or building.

The main types we often fit are; MF plasterboard ceilings, grid ceilings and metal ceilings – to discuss your project, give us a call today.

Other elements that are also part of our office fit-out service

Commercial flooring installation – our commercial flooring offerings include; carpet tiles, vinyl floors, painted floors as well as entrance mats.

Electric installation – we can provide complete electrical wiring installation for office fit-outs, so you don’t need to source an electrician for your project.

Plumbing installation – similar to electric installation, we can offer plumbing installation for all of our fit-out projects, which means our clients can rely on us rather than an external provider.

We can also assist with bigger construction elements which may be something you are looking for in your office fit-out;

Shaft Walls  – shaft walls are a specific type of partition wall which are constructed whilst only being accessed from one side. These are particularly suitable for lift shafts.

Mezzanine floors – if you want to add an office to an existing warehouse or building with a high roof, then a mezzanine floor might be a good solution. Find out more about them here.

Office Fit Outs from Tapper Interiors

Office fit-outs account for a large portion of our projects; we’re well-known within the industry, which is great for gaining new business. We enjoy working with new clients on different projects.

If you are starting an office fit-out and are looking for an interior specialist, then give us a call today.