Office Acoustic Solutions from Tapper Interiors

At Tapper Interiors, we specialise in partition walls and suspended ceilings for various building types, one of which is offices. When it comes to interior fit-outs, one of the aspects which we can also help with is acoustic solutions. These are especially important for offices and other areas where noise levels can be an issue.

Office Acoustic Solutions 

When fitting office partitions, walls, or ceilings, we ensure our clients receive the right office acoustic solutions for their expectations and requirements.

Glass partitions – for glass partition solutions, we offer double-glazed partitions, which help keep noise levels to a minimum. Glass partitions are popular for open-plan offices; they are an effective way to divide the office without compromising on the natural light entering the space. We also offer glass doors for the complete fit-out solution.

Partition Wall Insulation – when discussing your office partitions, we will talk about the different levels of insulation and what impact this will have on noise levels. Our standard options are 25mm isowool, 50mm isowool or Rockwood batt for extra insulation.

Acoustic Baffles – Acoustic baffles are panels that hang from the ceiling. Their primary purpose is to absorb sound. They lower noise levels and reduce echoing, making the space more appropriate for office work and meetings.

The Importance of Office Acoustic Solutions 

Investing in office acoustic solutions can provide several benefits for both employees and the overall work environment. We would always recommend that our clients consider the noise levels of the new layout of their office and invest in some acoustic solutions to help minimise this. Here are some of our main reasons for advising an investment:

  1. Improve Productivity and Reduce Distractions: Office acoustic solutions help create a quieter, more focused work environment with fewer distractions. This contributes towards improved concentration and increased productivity among employees.
  • Ease of Communication: A quieter workplace means easy communication between employees. Acoustic solutions can minimise background noise, making communication easier for employees.
  • Private and Confidential Meeting Space: If your office requires a space for private and confidential meetings, then investing in acoustic solutions is a must. This ensures the meeting and any confidential information cannot be overheard from outside the partition walls.

Office Acoustic Solutions from Tapper Interiors 

Investing in office acoustic solutions can lead to a more productive, comfortable, and harmonious work environment. If you are looking for an office partition or suspended ceiling solution, contact the Tapper Interiors team today. We can discuss your options for partitions and ceilings, along with acoustic solutions for your requirements.