Magdalen College School – Oxford

We worked with Benfield and Loxley on Magdalen College School.

The Brief

As with all schools, some areas had become run down and required replacing. There was also a new link building between two parts of the school. This area required a ceiling with a level of sound absorption.

The Scope

For Magdalen College School we worked on the ceilings of newly refurbished areas.

We fitted plasterboard ceilings along with bulkheads and acoustic baffles. We used both horizontal and vertical baffles, fitting them to the underside of the plasterboard ceilings.

From the images you can see the different types of acoustic baffles we used. Acoustic baffles are used to help with sound absorption in an environment where there is an abundance of hard surfaces.  

At Tapper Interiors we can supply various types of acoustic baffles for different building types. They are becoming a very popular add on to suspended ceilings.

For more information on ceiling, bulkheads and acoustic baffles please contact the team at Tapper Interiors.


Benfield and Loxley


Magdalen College School






Commercial/ Educational


  • Plasterboard ceilings
  • Bulkheads
  • Acoustic baffles