#iBuiltThis2017 Campaign

#iBuiltThis2017 is an exciting new FIS Skills flagship campaign. It is a visual campaign that is image led and will be run completely on social media, on the Instagram and Twitter platforms for a period of six weeks starting on 04th September and finishing on 12th October 2017.

The campaign is designed to get the construction industry, it’s supply chain and all of the public to participate and show how proud they are of their contribution to the UK built environment in a fun, exciting and light-hearted way.

This is a part of FIS Skills’ ongoing vision to drive change and encourage participation and collaborative working within the construction industry and instil pride, improve perceptions and image, increase careers awareness and engagement nationally.

Objectives of #iBuiltThis2017 campaign:

1. Attract and inspire the next generation:

We want to enthuse the next generation by getting them involved, getting them to think differently about the construction industry and produce talented people who are going to shape our industry and its future.

2. Change industry perceptions and increase the profile of construction:

We want to change the British public’ perceptions about the construction industry and educate them about the breadth of diversity of disciplines and career opportunities that are open to all.

3. Champion industry collaboration:

Extending an open invitation to all operating in the construction industry to get involved with this campaign, participate in it themselves and work together to help drive awareness of it across the UK to the British public.

4. Drive engagement and make it fun:

Drive engagement and participation within the construction industry, young people and rest of the British public in an all-inclusive, fun and exciting way.

Who is #iBuiltThis2017 campaign aimed at?

The whole construction industry, all those connected with it and the British public in the UK. It is divided into three specific age categories, 13 and under, 14 to 18 and 19 and over.

How will the #iBuiltThis2017 campaign work?

Campaign submissions are going to run over a three week’ period with all age categories running simultaneously.

The campaign submissions will be made in three easy steps. The concept is very simple, we want people to share images of anything they have built themselves or have helped to build in the built environment, both internal and external.

1. Entrants are requested to take a picture or selfie of themselves with the image of their completed project they built or helped to build using the hashtag #iBuiltThis2017. The hashtag must be included in the picture they submit for the entry to be valid.

2. Entrants are requested to submit their entries to the FIS Skills social media platforms of Instagram (@fisskills) and Twitter (@FisSkills) or alternatively they can enter by visiting our website when the platform is ready. Answer their relevant age category question and insert their details in the comments section (name, site/location and what they did on the project in the comments section)

3. Entrants must like and follow the FIS platform they submit to.

How will the #iBuiltThis2017 campaign be judged?

We have an exclusive line-up in the judging panel representing the industry, young people and educators.

  • We will have weekly highlights where we will showcase the best entries.
  • This is an all age inclusive campaign, with three specific age categories, 13 and under, 14 to 18 and 19 and over.
  • There is a clearly a defined submission period and a clearly defined voting period which will run simultaneously for all age categories on social media.
  • The public vote will make up 50% of the overall scores. The remaining 50% scores will be ranked in order by the judging panel.

What are the #iBuiltThis2017 campaign timescales?

Between 10th– 12th October 2017, the winners of #iBuiltThis2017 will be announced at the UK Construction Week exhibition and prizes awarded in November 2017.

How Can I get involved?

FIS Skills are introducing this campaign with the aim to drive engagement with the construction industry, young people and the general public in the UK this year but plan to run this annually, making it bigger, better and more exciting with every coming year.

This an opportunity and a challenge for the construction industry and all connected with it to get behind this fun and exciting campaign, to own it, participate in it themselves and support it through their social media channels and websites to drive its awareness in the general public.

  • To help you do all those things, in the first instance, register your interest in supporting this campaign on skills@thefis.org.
  • We have produced marketing materials with everything you need know to participate and support this campaign.
  • Visit our website on https://www.thefis.org/skills-hub/i-built-this/.