Advantages of Steel Framing Systems in Construction

Steel Framing Systems (SFS) are one of the services we offer at Tapper Interiors.

SFS use lightweight steel frames to form the structure of a wall. Outer cladding and internal insulation and linings are then added to the frame to make it suitable for various buildings. This building style is becoming more popular – you may have seen buildings under construction which use SFS.  

Top 5 Advantages of Steel Framing Systems in Construction

There are many advantages of steel framing systems in construction. The steel framing is compatible with various external finishes including both timber cladding, brickwork etc so, depending on the building, the finish can be adapted to suit the surroundings.

  1. High Strength and Durability – the steel used for the framing system is incredibly strong and durable which makes it a great choice for supporting the structure. The system itself is able to withstand extreme weather including high winds, heavy snow and harsh rain.
  2. Fast Construction – SFS can be constructed very quickly. Some of our projects take a little as sixteen weeks from start to finish. The steel is pre-fabricated off site which allows for easy and quick assembly when on-site this reduces the time of construction when compared to other methods for extending buildings.
  3. Highly Flexible – SFS can be designed to suit exact preferences and requirements. This means it can accommodate various building types as well as custom layouts and shapes. SFS can be used for unique building projects which makes them a flexible choice for all projects.
  4. Sustainability – steel is a sustainable material and can be recycled without losing any strength. Using steel in construction can help to reduce the environmental impact of building and construction.
  5. Safe – Steel is a non-combustible project which makes it fire resistant. This can help to reduce any risk of fire damage within the building.

Steel Framing Systems from Tapper Interiors

At Tapper Interiors we have been fitting SFS for many years. We have seen how successful it has been in many different types of buildings. Because it is so quick to install it is a great choice for an expanding business or extra storage areas. The quick construction means it can be weather tight in a short time period and ready for use.

Take a look at some of our case studies to see some of our SFS projects.

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